Area 2 Officers

Meet the area 2 team, if you do need to contact any of us then please use the email links provided.



WBro Gary Horstman – APGM email


John Miller


WBro John Miller – Chairman email




WBro Brian B Williams – Secretary email



WBro Leyland Preston – Treasurer email




EComp Ken Mallon – Royal Arch email



WBro John Kilgallen – Almoner email



WBro Colin Lewis – Charity Steward email


Peter Kellet Web


WBro Peter Kellett – Mentor email


Mike Ring


WBro Michael Ring – Communications email


joe_mcinnes area2 web


WBro Joe McInnes – TLC Representative


John Crane


Bro John Crane – Master Mason’s Forum email


Dave Sharkey


Bro Dave Sharkey – Master Mason’s Forum No: 2 email