Installation of Tony Kellett

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Saturday 13th April saw Bro Tony Kellett installed into the chair of King Solomon, with a word perfect performance from IPM and Installing Master Pete Merrick. Thanks were given for many years of service to Wbro Brian Smith, Wbro Tony Forshaw & Bro Ted Thompson as they stepped down from the offices of Secretary, Treasurer and Charity Steward respectively. Likewise, whilst it was only discovered on the evening, congratulations were given to Wbro John Ellis for performing as lodge organist for 50 years and advising that his 60 years in freemasonry would be during the new WM year in office.

On the night a variety of cheques were presented to Wbro Michael Coles (Representative of the RWBro ProvGM) for £4,500 and a further £1,000 had been donated earlier in the year (benefitting charities pictured below), meaning that the brethren of Stanlow Lodge have donated £5,500 during Wbro Peter Merrick’s term in the chair.

Many comments were made on the evening about the performance of the ceremony, and a return to the visitors toast was given by Wbro Keith Jones who mentioned it was an honour to see his nephew attain the chair.

A great night was had as is usual tradition in Stanlow, and it goes to show the work that is put in by all involved, none so much as the director of ceremonies Wbro Peter Kellett.

I have the absolute privilege of being able to wish my brother on behalf of everyone at Stanlow Lodge a successful year in chair.

Pictured (Left to Right)

Bro R Kellett (SW), Wbro Michael Coles (Rep), Bro Tony Kellett (WM), Wbro Peter Kellett (DC)

Bro Paul Goodwin (SD), WBro Steve Dodd (ADC), Wbro Pete Merrick (IPM), Bro To y Kellett (WM), Wbro John Ellis (Organist), Bro Jacob Williams (Chaplain), Bro Rich Kellett (SW)

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