Welcome Bro’s Jacob & Aaron

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Fri 16th Saw two new entered apprentices join the ranks of Stanlow 6257, Bro. Jacob Williams was initiated first, and was the fortunate of the two candidates as he was then able to watch Bro. Aaron Bourne go through the same ceremony.  Both candidates were proudly paraded by Bro Joe Spain, who done an outstanding job on both counts.

Bro Steve Nicholl requested W. Bro Peter Kellett to occupy the chair during these initiations which he did with pride and delivered the work of the Worshipful Master excellently with the assistance of W. Bro. Harry Knapton PSGW.

The working tools were delivered by W. Bro Ted Thompson for Bro Jacob and Bro Paul Goodwin demonstrated the same to Bro. Aaron.

Amongst the visiting brethren was W. Bro Paul Massie AProvGM for and W. Bro Ronald Adrian Davies AProvGM was present at his mother lodge.

Both candidates were greeted and wished a long, happy and successful careers.

Welcome to Stanlow Lodge Bro Jacob & Bro Aaron!


W. Bro Paul Massie AProvGM, Bro Aaron Bourne, Bro Jacob Williams, W. Bro Adrian Davies AProvGM

Bro. Richard Kellett, Bro. Peter Merrick, W. Bro. Doug Black, W. Bro. Adrian Davies, Bro. Aaron Bourne, Bro. Steve Nicholl, Bro. Jacob Williams, W. Bro. Paul Massie, Bro. Tony Kellett, Bro. Joe Spain

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