Stanlow Lodge’s 2×2

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Stanlow Lodge has saw 2 second degrees in the past two months, during September Brother Stephen Case was successfully raised to the second degree, quickly followed by Paul Goodwin being raised in October, both ceremonies were performed a full squad of first timers, with some assistance during the October meet by Wbro Ken Griffiths. Worshipful brother Ronald Adrian Davies was in attendance during the September meet.

Pictured: Wbro Adrian Davies, Bro Stephen Case, Bro Steve Nicoll, Bro Tony Kellett

Pictured: Bro Richard Kellett, Bro Paul Goodwin, Bro Joe Richards, Bro Pete Merrick, Bro Steve Nicoll, Wbro Tony Forshaw, Bro Tony Kellett, Wbro Keith Griffiths, Wbro Ted Thompson, Wbro Harry Knapton, Wbro Steve Dodd, Wbro Joe Kellett, Bro Joe Spain

October also saw 2 new joining members, Stanlow Lodge welcomed Bro Kevin Rigby & Brother Don Royle into their ranks.

Pictured: Bro Kevin Rigby, Bro Pete Merrick, Bro Steve Nicoll, Bro Tony Kellett, Bro Don Royle

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