A Scotsman in an English chair

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29th April 2017, a day which Bro Steve Nicoll of Stanlow Lodge 6257 will remember, as this was the date of his installation into the chair of King Solomon.  The ritual went extremely well with approximately 60 brethren attending the event.  Included in this number was PSGD PAProvGM Michael Leonard Whittingham, who made some remarks on the excellence of the installation ritual, also reminisced about previous times in Stanlow Lodge and how far not only the lodge, but also the hall, had come since them.

The festive board saw an outstanding 3 course meal, with some slight differences on usual events in the lodge – brethren from Lodge St Johns 540 whom had visited from Scotland, presented a lovely Scottish Quaich and bottle of Whiskey to the newly installed Master, who was kind enough to share between friends.  Kind words and best wishes were passed from the Provincial Representative, and also from the past master, brethren and visitors.

The evening saw over £400 raised for charities this was shared between brethren of Stanlow Lodge, the visiting brethren, and the Ladies who dined in the adjoining room.

Brother Steve Nicoll – we wish you a fantastic year in office!


Visiting Brethren of Scottish Lodges, WM Steve Nicoll.


Bro Pete Merrick, WM Steve Nicoll, Wbro Steve Dodd, Bro Tony Kellett (The installed team).

Brethren retired at the end of the evening for drinks with the ladies.

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