A Treat for the Ladies

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Stanlow Lodge 6257 saw their annual Ladies evening on the 25th March, the fully booked night was a complete success starting with a beautifully prepared 4 course meal.  After all were fed and (still in the progress of being) watered, the principal lady was presented with a gesture of vouchers from the brethren of Stanlow Lodge, then the guests retired to the temple for a short while where an excellent Adele tribute was performed by Laura Jones.

Everyone returned after the main hall had been set up for the entertainment side of the evening, which started with the continuation of the Adele tribute, and later on more music was supplied by Lewis the DJ.

Thanks were given to the brethren who assisted with preparing the room, the catering staff and also to the director of ceremonies, WBro Peter Kellett who kept the evening running smoothly with easy transitions – despite having a broken foot on the night!

Pictured – WBro Steven Dodd (Lodge WM), Donna Dodd (Principal Lady)


Pictured – WM, Principal Lady and their personal guests


Pictured below – pictures of the room setup


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