An Olde English Initiation

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Friday 17th March saw brother Stephen Case join the ranks of Stanlow Lodge 6257. AProvGM Gary Horstman came to witness the initiation, but unfortunately couldn’t attend the festive board.

New made brother Stephen Case not only had the fortune of being initiated in front of such honourable guests but also had a white table festive board in the form of a very enjoyable Olde English Night.  Fines were handed out by 4 of the brethren of Stanlow Lodge for things such as ‘wearing braces’, and of course, for ‘not wearing braces’.

All in all an impressive £450 was raised on the night, with special thanks going to brother McMillan as he consistently donates well at events, not least this time, where he purchased a TLC bear for £50.

Pictured (Left -> Right) – Bro Stephen Case, WBro Steven Dodd

Youtube video showing some of the festive board fun

Pictured (Left -> Right) – WBro Steven Dodd, WBro Harry Knapton

Pictured (Left -> Right) – Bro Richard Kellett, Bro Tony Kellett

Pictured – Bro David Humphries

Pictured (Left -> Right) – WBro John Miller, WBro Peter Kellett

Pictured (2 pictures below) Visitors (and bottom Left Bro Andy McMillan)




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